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Brain Games

Image credit: National Geographic channel

Are you like one of many others who look for a way to exercise their brain? In that case, what do you think about a television show made specifically to entertain your cerebral cortex? Well, if you haven’t already heard about it, your luck is about to change. It’s called Brain Games.

I came across this show by accident while looking for something to watch that I wouldn’t find boring and there it was. It’s title caught my attention so I decided to give a try, and now I’m hooked… and so is the rest of my family.

Brain Games is a National Geographic channel series which had it’s debut in 2011 and is still playing. It walk us through the mysteries of the brain, helping us understand why we do and react to things the way we do. By engaging us with different games and puzzles, they give the audience the opportunity to try them while watching, so be very attentive as they will be trying to fool you.

This has become a go-to family show and we love going along with every task they give to the audience to try at home. A must try, I have to say!

Final Thoughts

It's a very interactive show, and if you play along, the results may even surprise you.

Overall Score 4.6
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