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Bridget Jones’s Baby

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Bridget Jones’s Baby is the latest Bridget Jones movie directed by Sharon Maguire and written by Helen Fielding, Dan Mazer and Emma Thompson, based on the fictional columns by Fielding. It is the third film in the franchise and a sequel to 2004 film Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. The film stars Renée Zellweger as Bridget Jones, who after becoming pregnant is unsure if Mark Darcy (Colin Firth, also reprising his role) or Jack Qwant (Patrick Dempsey) is the father. This movie is filled with comedy and of course romance. The movie starts with Bridget (Renée Zellweger) sitting alone in her living room with pajamas and a robe on with a cupcake in her hand. Then, she goes back to remembering how her day got started.

It was her 43rd birthday. Her mother woke her up at 6 am just to remind her that her time to have children is running out. Then, she decides to attend the funeral of Daniel Cleaver, who is presumed dead after a plane crash. While there, she sees her ex, Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) and his new wife. They bump into one another and then go their separate ways.

Bridget now works as a television producer and is close friends with the anchor of the show she runs, Miranda (Sarah Solemani), who offers to take her out for her birthday. Bridget turns her down to spend time with her old group of friends, but is heartbroken when they cancel on her due to commitments to their children. Deciding to celebrate her single life, Bridget accepts Miranda’s offer to take her away for the weekend. They go to a music festival where Miranda challenges her to sleep with the first man she meets. Falling in the mud, Bridget is helped out by a random stranger. After attending an Ed Sheeran concert, a drunk Bridget crawls into a yurt she thinks belongs to her and Miranda, but actually belongs to the handsome stranger she met earlier. The two have sex and in the morning Bridget tries to not be disappointed when she wakes up alone.

Returning home, Bridget goes to the christening of Jude’s youngest child where she is the godmother and Mark has been asked to be the godfather. Mark tells her that he and his wife are planning on divorcing and Bridget has sex with him. When Mark reveals he is travelling the next day, Bridget is reminded that he had always put work before their relationship and leaves in the morning before he wakes up, leaving behind a note telling him that reconnecting with him is too painful.

Bridget finds that she is gaining weight. Shazza (Sally Phillips) suggests that Bridget might be pregnant, especially when she realizes that Bridget used old expired condoms when having sex. Taking a pregnancy test at work, Bridget confirms she is pregnant and decides she wants to keep the child as it is her last chance to have a child. After a visit to the obstetrician and gynecologist, Dr. Rawlings, she realizes that she does not know who the father is and doesn’t even have a way of contacting Jack, the handsome stranger.

However Miranda spots him on TV where they realize that Jack Qwant is a billionaire and the inventor of a dating site that has an algorithm to match couples together. Miranda conspires with Bridget to have Jack on the show to take hair samples so that Bridget will be able to test it against the DNA of her baby to either confirm or eliminate Jack as the father. At the taping, the hair and makeup artist is able to nab samples of Jack’s hair for Bridget but Jack recognizes Bridget and she decides to tell him that she is pregnant and tells him he is the father, without mentioning Mark Darcy. Initially taken aback, Jack decides to throw himself into the role of supporting Bridget.

Feeling things are going too quickly with Jack, Bridget decides to go forward and tell Mark. However, Mark is so thrilled at the news that he is about to be a father that Bridget does not tell him about Jack. Bridget also decides not to go forward with testing the DNA while her child is still in the womb as she is terrified by the possibility that she might miscarry. She forces Dr. Rawlings to go through appointments twice, once with Jack and another time with Mark.

From this point on, everything turns complicated for Bridget between Jack and Mark. So, she decides to come clean with both of them about the situation, but that only makes things worse because both men end up competing for her love and attention.

The movie is filled with scenes that you will remember from other Bridget Jones movie. Those moments you will say are typical Bridget Jones quirks. Which, as a Bridget Jones fan I do love the typical Bridget Jones moments. The movie also has lots of comedic scenes, some hot scenes, and it has a little bit of adventure and reality which you can easily relate to. I loved the fact that they brought Patrick Dempsey in this movie. Oh, how I loved him and Bridget together. However, the ending was nice yet it left us with intrigue. I hope this means that there will be another Bridget movie in the making for the future.

Final Thoughts

This movies is original, funny, sad, and yet happy. You will likely be able to relate to this movie. I am a huge Bridget Jones fan and I have to admit that I loved watching this movie. I was not disappointed one bit. I went to the movies and literally everyone laughed and enjoyed the movie very much. I was not disappointed at all. I clearly definitely recommend watching it!

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