A Trip Around the World

British Museum, London

Do you enjoy museums? Looking at ancient artifacts? Trying to digest as much information as you can within the vast amount of history? How about checking out the British Museum!

Wondering how much tickets cost? Here’s your answer: IT’S FREE! Yes, I know – music to my ears too. Aside from the Special Exhibitions which require an additional ticket unless you are a member, there is also a shop you can purchase items in to support the museum. If you are someone who is likely to visit the museum on multiple occasions within a shorter span of time, you should absolutely consider getting a membership for those additional benefits.

As with most museums, there is usually a “Special Exhibition” that is available to visit. They are especially “special” because they’re not part of the permanent collection. Right now, there’s the “Scythians: warriors of ancient Siberia” to check out. But be aware, it will only be available until January 14 of next year.

If you’re into the idea of temporary exhibits, there’s also some free ones available such as the “Desire, love, identity: Exploring LGBTQ histories” one that will be there until the October 15.

Whether you want to sign up with an official tour or take your own time and pace to explore, make a day trip out of it (or plan more than one day)! There’s a lot of information to digest.

Check out the official website here (http://www.britishmuseum.org/).

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