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Cachupa – Cape Verde Traditional Stew

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. 4 cups hominy (coarsely crushed corn)
. 1 cup rock beans
. 1 cup kidney beans
. 1/2 cup lime beans
. 1/2 cup
. 1 whole chicken
. 1 kg. ribs of pork or beef*or half of each
. 1 chouriço (spicy sausage with garlic), sliced
. Coriander leaf flat
. 1 kg. coarsely chopped cabbage
. 1 kg. chopped collards
. 1 kg. tomato cut into four
. 1 kg. of green bananas, peeled and chopped
. 1 kg. of fresh yams
. 1 Kg. fresh sweet potatoes
. 1 kg. winter pumpkin or squash
. 1 or two onion(s), chopped
. 1 green bell pepper, chopped
. 2 cloves of garlic, peeled
. 2 bay leaves

Step 1. Leave the dry beans and the corn to soak for a night (to help reduce the cooking time the next day).
Step 2. In a pot add two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, chopped onion(s), garlic, and green bell pepper.
Step 3. Once the onions are a light brown, add the bay leaf and 7 cups of water. Bring to boil and add the corn and the beans.
Step 4. In another pot cook the vegetables, except tomatoes, with the pork ribs, Chouriço (spicy sausage) or Linguiça, and bacon. Or, if you prefer, cook the vegetables and meat separatly.
Step 5. Then, cut and seasoned the chicken and cooked in a another pan.
Step 6. Add the tomatoes and let it simmer until the corn and beans are tender but not fully cooked.
Step 7. Cook everything over low heat for about 2 to 3 hours or until it is fully cooked.
Step 8. To enhance the flavor, approximately 20 minutes before turning off the fire, stir a chopped golden onion, garlic powder (1 tsp), tomato and olive oil mixture you made on a frying pan.
Step 9. Turn off the flame and let it rest in a covered pot for at least half an hour before serving.

The main ingredients in this recipe is the corn (hominy). Many times I don’t use half of the ingredients on the list and it still comes up great. Well if properly seasoned. 😉

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