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Can Molly save the day?

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Mollym’s POV

The site has been down for weeks. Whenever the site address was even typed in, it would re-direct you to a website dedicated to teaching individuals, “How to have a life outside of the internet.” Cute.

My attempts to reach out to Angie have been futile. I tried the rest of the admin team as well, but no one else could get into contact with her. Oddly, I could not get in contact with Sylvie either. Hope she’s doing okay with all of this.

Although now that I think about it, she does not seem to be taking what has been happening this past year very well. She seems distant. I always shrugged it off assuming it was related to whatever was happening in her real life, but maybe she is struggling to deal with “Carrie.” Hm. Everyone deals with things differently.

I wonder what Carrie is up to now. Is she taking down another site? What does a schemer do when they’ve accomplished what they wanted? Relish in their victory? Hah. If only that was how things worked. I idly continue refreshing the page in hopes of any changes. Nope. Just back to the ridiculously laid out website. Seriously. How many flashy images does one page need?

I close the site as one of the dizzying images suddenly stops flashing. What was once an advertisement for a book about how to face “the real world” only showed the following text:

Maybe this will teach you all to think twice before rejecting a staff application.


The text disappeared again and the advertisement returned. I stared at the same spot for a few more minutes until my eyes were pleading me to look away but it never returned. That definitely seemed out of place. Did this random website really have a connection to Diva Chix? Better show this to the other admins…

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  1. beauty_chic

    Why would somebody try to take over the site? Its a Wonderful place to be!I just dont get why this carrie person wants to ruin this Awesome game that Angie made and all of the sweet moderators attempts to make it better,,Thanks Angie and all you Wonderful and sweet moderators for making this site a safe and better place!:)Much love to All! Big hugs!Big prayers on yall finding the Awful person trying to ruin this Awesome site!:) Kara

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