Do It Yourself

Candy Cane Charms

. White & Pink Clay (or any color of your choosing)
. Blade/X-Acto knife
. Gloss
. Gauge
. Paint Brush
. Lin Eye Pin
. Needle Nose Plier
. Wire Cutting Plier
. Parchment Paper
. Cookie Sheet

1. Roll the white clay and give it a cylindrical shape.
2. Roll the red clay into two thin strips. One should be thinner than the other.
3. Put one set of the thicker red stripes in opposite sides of the white clay cylinder.
4. Grab the thinner red stripe and take it apart into six separate parts.
5. On each opposite sides of the cylinder, place 3 sets of the red. Make sure the red stripes don’t touch.
6. Roll out and twist the the clay.
7. Cut off the ends.
8. Preheat the oven to the temperature indicated on your clay box.
9. Bend the clay into a cane. I was able to cut mines into smaller sizes before bending them into a canes.
10. Grab the eye pin.
11. Before inserting it into the top of the clay make sure you trim it a bit, so it won’t stick out of the cane.
12. Open the gauge with the needle nose plier, insert the eye pin and close it.
13. Grab a cookie sheet and put parchment paper on top before placing the clay.
14. Once the oven has preheated, place the candy cane clay inside and cook for the period of time stated on the clay box.
15. Once it is done cooking and has cooled down, use the paint brush to glaze the candy cane.
16. Let it dry for at least 30 minutes before giving it another coat.
17. After 24 hours it should be ready to be handled. Now, you may hang it from a jewelry chain or some other place of your choosing!

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