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Cape Verde – A Hidden Gem

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With DC’s eight anniversary around the world theme, I thought writing an article about where I’m from would be ideal. Well, more like a small introduction.

Some of you may have heard of it, and for those of you who haven’t, I wouldn’t be so surprised since it barely appears on some maps.

Cape Verde, just 500 km off the west coast of Africa.

It’s one of the top developed third world Countries, poor in natural resources but with lots of charms.
The inhabited islands were discovered by Portugal in 1456, which was used for many years as a slave and goods trade and part of the Portugal empire until 1975 when it earned its independence alongside with Guinea-Bissau. Habitants of the island are Creole or Mulatto, a mix of mostly European and African ancestry.

The first Europeans to settle in Cape Verde were Spanish, Portuguese and Italian, who were given land. With The Spanish inquisition, many Portuguese citizens fled to Cape Verde, afraid of the persecution for being Muslim or Jewish. Many slaves were also brought there to work on the plantations and a few others had managed to flee the trade ships and run to the their freedom. Many of those ships were heading to Brasil.

If you are now curious to find out more about my little islands, you will be able to find lots of info on this website:

Now, can you guess which island I am from?

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