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Carrie is a horrifying look at supernatural powers, high school cruelty, and the angst it brings us makes it one of the most memorable and disturbing prom scenes in history.

Carrie White is a shy and friendless teenager who is sheltered by her domineering, religious mother. She is an outcast due to her upbringing and her classmates humiliated her with many pranks. But, as she unleashes her telekinetic powers at her senior prom, classmates beware they will be punished. You need to catch the ending of this movie!!

Written by: Steven King
Cast: Sissy Spacek, Piper Laurie, Amy Irving, William Katt, John Travolta, and Nancy Allen to name a few.

Final Thoughts

Well, this is not your normal Prom movie but it is a classic. I loved it as a horror movie and if you have not yet seen it, you should!! Wait for the ending....that was the most disturbing scene in the whole movie.

Overall Score 3.9
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