CYO Interview


1. When did you first start designing CYO?

Soon after joining Diva Chix in 2009, I began doing mall and freebie edits. Creating make-up (faces) soon became a passion, and I added jewelry design along the way. Also, my clothing designs evolved to clothing “inspired by photos” and originals.

2. What made you start designing CYO?

Back then, it wasn’t as easy to generate funds (moolah and coins) and mall clothing cost more, so design not only provided my wardrobe but gave me opportunity to earn money from shop sales.

3. What is your favorite CYO piece that you have created?

Hard to say as my skills and style have changed greatly over the years. A gradient design for July, Divine Flame, helped hone new skills, and I really like one of my latest pieces …. a gradient ruffled dress for Crystal.

4. What’s your biggest CYO accomplishment so far?

Receiving the Superlative Award for Makeup in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2015.

5. What is the best thing about designing CYO?

I enjoy the creativity of design and challenging myself to learn more to improve my skills.

6. How long does it take you to create a CYO piece?

Anywhere from 5 minutes to several days, depending on the type of design and my free time. Jewelry and faces don’t take as long as a dress, but I spend a lot of time “polishing” almost everything to make it my best effort.

7. Who is your favorite CYO designer?

With staff-created bundles being sold by various players, it’s difficult to know who created items I admire. I’m very impressed by the skill, creativity, and diversity of Pandaimeec, as well as by Mannequin’s beautiful designs.

8. What’s one tip you can offer to new CYO designers?

Work in layers — lots of them, which will enable you to make additions or adjustments without fear of messing everything up. Of course CTRL Z and ALT CTRL Z work pretty well, too! LOL!

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