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Alexandra (username: Catlover64) first joined Diva Chix back in 2009 under the name catlover. She had to take a break for a little while due to real life obligations, but fortunately came back in 2013 with a little change to her username: catlover64.

Alexandra is part of Amazing Divas Guild and has more than 100,000 guild battles! She is a genuine cat lover who loves to battle, vote and have fun. It’s obvious from her plentiful trophy collection that she loves Diva Chix and is a great player! In addition, she just came in second runner-up in the most recent Guild Survivor that just ended in the first part of February!

Thank you for being a member of Diva Chix, catlover64!

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  1. catlover64

    Celli and Diva Chix…OMG what an honor to be showcased like this!!! Also what a great surprise!!! You had me floored and again I thank you for this honor and also for being recognized as a great player. Thank you, thank you and thank you once again!! 🙂

  2. cyncyn

    Congratulations Catlover64!!! Our beautiful Pulse cover diva! So happy for you and you just make us happy, Alexandra! You are so talented and amazing, Ladybug! 😀 (clap clap clap!!)

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