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Celebrating Prom with some DC News

It’s prom season once again and this month will reflect that! The DC Staff has prepared some fun activities for all its members throughout the whole month of May.

The theme for this season of prom is “Sun, Moon and Stars”.

As always, Prom will be filled with lots of activities including Guild War, Prom Table Activities, Prom Single and Couple Contests, Prom Queen Contest and so much more.

Want to get more information about this season of Prom? Check out the forum here.

Did you participate in this season of Prom? What did you think? Comment right down below.


During this prom season there is also a new voting game.

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What are the prizes if you find all the items?
If you win. You will win 500.000 moolah, 300 coins, 5000 fame, 2000 hotpoints, 1000 style and a perfume voucher.

So did you find all the items for prom yet? What did you think about this prom themed voting game? Comment right down below.


The Forum Team is organizing also prom table activities.

The prom table activities are activities for everyone who signed up along with their date to have some fun and socialize with other members who also attend prom.

And of course, to make it fun there will be 2 tables: Table 1 and Table 2.

Both tables will have to enter different activities for example What’s in my Purse, Create a Story and so much more.

So, did you participate in the prom table activities? What did you think?


And last but not least, our very own Pulse Team is hosting the “Design a Pulse Cover” contest.

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And of course with our prom theme of “Sun, Moon and Stars” for this season, it was incorporated into the contest.

All you have to do is design a cover for our prom issue. What are the prizes if you win you wonder?

1st Place will win: 100.000 moolah, 100 coins, 5000 XP points, a trophy and your cover will be on our next issue of Pulse.
2nd Place will win: 75.000 moolah, 75 coins, 2500 XP points, and a trophy
3rd Place will win: 50.000 moolah, 50 coins 1000 XP points, and a trophy

So did you enter the “Design a Pulse Cover” contest? What did you think? Comment right down below.

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