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Celebrating springtime with some DC News

During the month of March we are celebrating Spring. And the Community Team is hosting Flash Game Blitz.

For those who are not familiar with the Flash Game Blitz, it is a game where you enter different flash games. You will get 2 days for each game.

At the end, prizes will be given out for everyone that participated in all the games and if you have placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd place, you will win an additional special prize!

Want to get more information about Flash Game Blitz? Click here.

Did you participate in this season of Flash Game Blitz? What did you think? Comment right down below.


In other news, since we are celebrating spring, it will also be Easter soon!

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And to start celebrating Easter, there is a voting game going on right now.

While you are voting, you will begin searching for 11 Easter eggs. Each Easter egg that you find contains one letter. At the end when you find all the Easter eggs, it should spell “Happy Easter”. Each time you find an egg, it will be placed in your wardrobe in the Easter category.

So everyone, get to voting!

Want more information about the Easter voting game? Click here.

So tell me, did you find any eggs yet? Comment right down below.

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