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Celebrity Halloween Looks

These three celebrity Halloween looks have been called some of the best costumes throughout the years. But, Divas, I want to know your opinion on them! Are they truly hits or are they misses? Vote and leave a comment below on what you think!

2 Comments on Celebrity Halloween Looks

  1. Suzanne_Sky

    I like them all, okay, but I wish I knew what Alexa Chung was supposed to be. I don’t recognize the costume…. Still, it’s pretty good. I’m assuming Kim K. is Poison Ivy???? Good idea, but I think it could be executed better. Izzy Azalea’s Cruella Deville is a nice twist on the character, but IMO, the trend is overdone. So many Cruella Deville’s out there. Those are just my opinions. 😉

    • panda

      According to the description I saw Alexa Chung was a Zombie Marie Antoinette. I am used to titling the polls with the celebrities names only. Went back and added the character to the title. And yep. Kim is Poison Ivy.I’m not a Kardashian fan, but I do love their Halloween looks a lot.

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