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Celebrity Pregnancy: Vanessa Carlton!

The American pop singer-songwriter Vanessa Carlton has joyfully confirmed that she is pregnant! The singer of the famous hit “A Thousand Miles” is expecting her very first child with John McCauley, another musician. Carlton used her Facebook page to post the picture of her very noticeable baby bump. Fans also came to the realization that this is the very reason why the release of her fifth and upcoming album, Liberman, has been pushed back to next year. Fans were also pleased to hear that the pregnancy has been going well so far and Carleton is in healthy shape.

As many might remember, Carlton had suffered through a fallopian pregnancy, where the pregnancy occurs outside of the uterus, last year which led to one of her fallopian tubes being removed. We are all hoping that the pregnancy continues to be a smooth and enjoyable process for the both of them.

Congratulations to the happy couple and the best of luck through this exciting journey!

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