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Certified Organic Chia Seed Oil

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For those of you who have never heard of this product before, this Goodness Skincare is a product of New Zealand. Their product range is very affordable, and really good as in good with the ingredients that they used.

This Certified oil of chia seeds is full of none other than certified plant based and organic ingredients. As my skin is oily, I never want try any oil based or pure oil like this into my skin. But hence, I tried it and I found it really good.

It smells okay in comparison to any other oil such as rosehip oil. I drop one or two drops one or two times a day as instructed on the box. I love how it easily absorbs on my skin without making my face more oily.

The smooth texture of the oil makes it also easy for us to blend it with moisturiser after or before using this product. I feel my skin is way more subtle and hydrated but not oily after dabbing the oil onto my skin.

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Best buy for certified oil!

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