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Christmas hair shine!

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I recently was heading to an event where I wanted to look good, which meant doing something with my hair for once. I decided to go straight and shiny, so I invested in some products to create that look.

One of the products I bought was the Aussie Conditioning spray, miracle shine formula, and it was one of the best things I have ever done! This miracle shine formula is a leave in conditioner with Ginseng Extract, aiming to get rid of dull hair and create a shine!

Now when my hair is straight, it is not exactly dull, but I have never had as much shine as when I used the product. Personally, I had to use a fair amount of spray but I usually do as my hair is thick. Unlike a lot of leave in conditioners, this one didn’t make my hair greasy, or make it feel like it had product in it. The spray left it feeling smooth, soft and looking incredibly shiny!

When I used it the next time on curly hair, I can’t say it worked quite as well, but I wouldn’t say that was the product’s fault. The texture of curly hair means it never looks as shiny, and the bit right on the top, which was less curly, definitely looked more shiny. However, if your hair is always curly I wouldn’t say this product totally makes a large enough improvement that its a must buy, but for anyone with waves or straighter hair, this product worked miracles! Oh and I forgot to mention, I got it online from Amazon for under £4!

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If you're going to party this holiday season, I totally recommend you rock this product and make all the other girls in the room jealous of your shine!

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