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Christmas Island

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Christmas Island was discovered on Christmas Day in 1643, but only settled in the late 19th century. Captain William Mynors of the Royal Mary, an English vessel, named the island.

The culture of Christmas Island is quite unique for many different ethnicities inhabiting the area. The majority of residents are Chinese but Europeans and Malays reside there as well as small Indian and Eurasia communities. The main language is English and Chinese.

Dress is usually modest, so tourists should keep a wrap such as a sarong on hand to cover shorts, bathing suits and tank tops. It is also common to remove your shoes when entering a house and also to avoid touching anyone’s head.

Christmas Island is well known for biological diversity. On the island you will see many rare species of animals and plants, making nature walking a popular activity. There are 42 caves on the island, Lost Lake Cave, Daniel Roux Cave and Full Frontal Cave are the most well known. They also have many fresh water springs. Hugh’s Dale water fall is another popular tourist attraction. The annual breeding migration of the red crab is another popular event. Swimming, snorkeling and fishing in the ocean are extremely popular activities for tourists.

63% of the island is a national park and with so many beautiful walking trails, it is one of the main attractions to experience.

The weather is gorgeous year round. The average temperature is between 73 and 85.

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This looks like a beautiful small island. However, the cost factor to get to your destination could cost you a bundle.

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