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Claycessories – Handmade accessories and jewellery

The following is a GUEST article by Lubna-angel. You can visit her profile here.

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The one thing that can make or break an outfit is the accessories, and while there are plenty out there to choose from, it’s sometimes hard to be completely unique or to get something that really matches your style.

This is when shopping for handmade accessories and jewellery really shines. The pieces are always one of a kind. My all time favourite shop is Claycessories on Etsy. The pieces are so bold and so different to main-stream styles you find in most high street stores.

The jewellery at Claycessories is made from polymer clay which is a type of harden-able modelling clay based on the polymer polyvinyl chloride. Some people find buying jewellery and accessories made of non-metal materials a little off-putting since they worry it will get ruined, but this is not true. Polymer is usually coated in special gloss which gives it a nice finish and makes it even more durable. So as long as you look after your polymer accessories, they will last just as long as any other material.

The accessories and jewellery themselves are truly astounding! Every piece has so much detail and is so carefully crafted and put together. To add to this, the creator even offers custom orders so if you have an idea of some accessories you would love to have or an outfit that you just can’t quite find a match for, she is always up to a challenge to create something just for you.

If you’re looking to make a statement in the new year, Claycessories will have something for you!

And in spirit of the holidays the creator has very kindly offered DC members an exclusive voucher to get 10% off any purchase until 25th January 2017! Just use the voucher DIVACHIX at the checkout to get your discount!

The above is a GUEST article by Lubna-angel. You can visit her profile here.

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These accessories are the best quality and most unique I have seen online. To add to that, the creator is really nice and responds to any queries quickly which is always a plus. Make sure to also check out the website: which is getting re-vamped and going live in the new year!

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