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Clean and Clear dual action moisturizer

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I personally have combination skin and can be prone to break outs, so when I saw a moisturiser I can use to help prevent spots, I grabbed it! Even better, the product is by Clean and Clear, which is a trusted brand!

Since buying it, I use it as an everyday moisturizer (usually once a day, before bed), and sometimes in the morning before applying my make up on days where I can feel my skin is a little dry.

After having used this product for a few months now, I can share my results with you! I have found it is very useful for acne prone skin, it reduced the redness (if nothing else) of my skin, making it look less spot prone very, very quickly.

The product is lightweight; it does not feel too thick to use before make up in the morning, allowing it to blend into my skin quickly.

Only a little amount is needed each use, it covers all of my face with just a pea sized amount of cream. I have used two 100ml tubs in 4 months, with one with just under half left still! Which is amazing to me, usually my face creams never last this long!

The only negatives I have found of this product is that it doesn’t come with an SPF, which is fine for me as my foundation has some SPF built in. But for those that like their moisturiser to supply this protection, this won’t do the job! Keep that in mind!

Final Thoughts

This is the best drug store moisturizer I have ever used, personally. It is inexpensive (£3-£5), great quality, and long lasting!

Overall Score 4.3
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