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Coconut Oil for beauty

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Everyone knows that coconut oil plays an important role for beauty. It can help you with problems such as dandruff, acne, cracked hair, and so on. What you didn’t know is that using coconut oil overnight can change your problem into something magical. Well, these are few tips for beauty problems
that you can try with coconut oil.

1. Massage some warm coconut oil before bed and shampoo the next morning to make your dry hair a bit moist.
2. Mix tea tree oil and coconut oil and massage it to your scalp to get rid of your dandruff.
3. Apply coconut oil to your cracked heels and put socks while your sleep.
4. Rub your gums with organic coconut oil after brushing your teeth to get healthier teeth.
5. Add a few drops of tea tree oil to coconut oil and mix it. Apply to your face and use only as spot treatment.

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I think it is such a good remedy to use coconut oil as I myself tried a few things above, but you need to do it a couple of times so you can see the best results.

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  1. catlover64

    Again reading your article, I purchased both products. I have not yet used the coconut oil but I have used the tea tree oil. The tea tree oil does have a smell that you need to get used to but on a wound it works wonders.

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