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Colourpop Lippie To Go

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Have you ever heard of this this California based makeup? I know for sure you have!

This brand has become popular this past year, especially because of many beauty bloggers that began to comparing the Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick with Kylie Jenner’s Lipkit. I’ve already reviewed that, so, this time we talking about the other one, Lippie To Go. This Lipstick is in a compact size consist of two product, the Lippi stix and the Lippie Liner.

Those two products are the main famous products from Colourpop that you can buy. However, Lippie To Go makes it easier for us to use because it is in a smaller size. When you go travelling, you don’t want to bring so many bulky things. This makes the Lippie To Go product a gem for those of you who like to keep it simple.

Final Thoughts

I love this product because I only need to buy one of Lippie To Go and get both lipsticks and lip liner. The only down side is that it is fragile. You need to careful so the lipstick does not break while in use.

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