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Colours you never knew existed

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Imagine what life would be like if you were the only one you knew who could sense colours that were not there for everyone else? This is the case for an artist, Concetta Antico, who has this ability as the result of a genetic mutation.

For her, looking at anything that we may perceive as “dull” is anything but. She does not see a single colour like we do, but rather sees a variety of colours, an increased saturation, or the kaleidoscope effect. This ability has proven to be helpful as she can detect what fruit is ripe and ready to eat!

Although not common, her abilities are not unbelievable as it all comes down to how her eyes were formed. She has more cones in her eyes compared to most of us, increasing the amount of colours she can see as they combine in newer ways ours cannot do.

It is also surprising to learn that this condition, being tetrachromat, is not as rare as we may think, but rather that many do not even realize they even have it! It all comes down to how you perceive colour and instances where distinguishing colours was important. For example, as an artist, Concetta is exposed to artwork and depicting the things she regularly sees in her life.

Curious to read more about her story? Check out the article at BBC, here.

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