Guild of the Month

Congratulations to Immortal Elegance!

Congratulations to Immortal Elegance for being the Guild of The Month for September 2018

Immortal Elegance was created on November 23rd of 2008.

Despite having only 10 members Immortal Elegance members always work so hard. Hence the fact why they have the title of September’s 2018 Guild of The Month.

The guild is currently ranked number 1 and on various occasions they have been nominated for “Guild of the Month” and “Featured Guild of the Month”.

They have the following message in their about section:

Immortal Elegance is a sorority consisting of many of the best players on Diva Chix! Our members are strong, beautiful, confident ladies who strive for excellence! We play hard, but fair – never compromising our class or dignity. We’re trend-setters…you’ll always find our gorgeous members on the battle field in the hottest new styles. We’re divas, we’re competitive, we’re graceful, we’re intense, we’re Immortal Elegance.

Once again congratulations Immortal Elegance!!!!

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