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Congratulations to the Battling Bombshells!

Congratulations to Battling Bombshells for being the Featured Guild of The Month for October 2018

Battling Bombshells was created on August 1st of 2017

The guild exists for a year and a few months.

However they have been nominated on various for “Guild of the Month” and
“Featured Guild of the Month”.

They worked hard and they have earned the Featured Guild of The Month for October.

They have the following message in their about section.

We are the Battling Bombshells. Chris & Jenna made this guild in August of 2017, just because they were ready for a fresh start. In their short time together on Divachix, they had quickly become best friends. They wanted to do something together, on the site that reflected their friendship and what better way to do that than to create a friendship-based guild together?

We like to complete tasks, we like to do well, as far as guild stats, we like to reward our members A LOT, based on their activeness, etc. But what is most important to us is that we encourage communication amongst members, get to know each other in the forums, have fun in contests & games together in the forums, etc. Because after all is said and done, and we all move on and forget all about Divachix, what will really matter is the friends you made, the memories you have, and the time spent having fun. ♥

We do ask that before you join, you be sure that you’ll be an active member, read our rules page, and message either of us if you have any further questions that you believe may need answered, prior to your joining. We do not enjoy removing members, so we just ask that you do your part to make sure you’ll be able to meet our extremely reasonable expectations. In BB, you’re wanted, welcomed & then appreciated from day 1! We hope to see you soon. ♥

Once again congratulations Battling Bombshells!!!!

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