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CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-In-1 Foundation

To make sure your foundation looks nice, you have to have a nice base (primer and concealer). Well buying separate products can get expensive! That’s why I love the CoverGirl Oulast Stay Fab 3-in-1 Foundation; it has a primer, concealer and foundation built into it!

It makes makeup application quicker and less expensive. It has a thicker consistency but when it is blended into your skin properly it is pretty light weight. It is a medium to full coverage foundation but could also be used for a quick cover up if all you need are some blemishes covered up!

I tried this product without a separate primer because it does state it has one built into it and holy cow does it look fabulous! You can still put a primer on, sometimes I put a highlighting one on and it gives my face an extra pop but it is not needed.

There are about 14 different shades to choose from and by my experience, they match pretty well. This foundation does have SPF but does not give a white cast in flash photography. It is a little pricey for being a “drugstore” foundation, retailing from $9-12, but worth every cent!

The BEST part about this foundation is that it does not oxidize (turns a darker shade as you wear it throughout the day). Some negatives: I notice that the shade I use is a little too dark for me at times but the shade lighter is way too light. This can be fixed by using a lighter powder though. (If your foundation is too light, try adding a matte bronzer to your face.)

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This is my new go-to foundation, I won't use anything else, nor do I want to. If you've been curious about it, go and test out some of the shades and try it. You will love it!

Overall Score 4.6
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  1. copsmom925

    I’ve used this foundation all summer. Even when I tanned this foundation had a color that matched perfectly and it does last all day. I’ve had people tell me that my skin is glowing! Love this makeup!

  2. beckybear21

    I also used to use this foundation- I liked it as well too! I use it intermittently between my bare minerals. The coverage with this make up is great! Haven’t tried it with a beauty blender, I might have to try that.

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