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Creepy Halloween Crimes!

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Below are some of the most creepy, grisly, and sad crimes that happened on Halloween night! Warning: they are not at all for the light-hearted!

1) A nine-year-old girl was accidentally shot by a relative who thought she was a skunk. The girl was in a Halloween costume, during a party at her house in Pennsylvania when the incident happened.
According to the police, the girl was wearing a black costume and hat with a white tassel, which is why the child was confused for a skunk.
The male relative fired a shotgun, hitting her multiple times overall, once in the shoulder, arm, back and neck. Why the relative was so fast to shoot what he thought was a skunk without paying attention it is unknown.

2) Before a Halloween party, William Odem accidentally hung himself while staging a dramatic gallows scene. If this is not sad enough in itself, William was only a 15-year-old at the time.

3) In 1998, Karl Jackson, 21, went with his girlfriend on Halloween night to pick up her nine-year-old son from a party, which he was attending. As the couple waited, a group of teenagers started throwing eggs at their car, annoyed, Jackson decided to get out and speak to the teenagers. As Jackson got back into the car, one of the teenagers pulled out a gun and shot him straight in the head. He died at the scene. The killer was never caught.

4) Mrs. Damman decided to leave her two-year-old son, Stevie, to watch her seven-month-old daughter on the street whilst she popped into the shop to grab a few bits, instead of dragging the kids around the shop with her. When Mrs. Damman emerged from the store, neither of the kids were anywhere to be seen.
Not long later, a few blocks away the stroller was found with her little girl who was luckily unhurt. Stevie the two year old, however, was nowhere to be found. To this day, neither Stevie nor his body have been found and no new information was ever added to the case.

5) One of the more well-known Halloween stories was that of Ronald Clark O’Bryan. Mr. O’Bryan was executed after killing his eight-year-old son Timothy by poisoning sweets with cyanide on Halloween night in 1974 and giving them to his child at the end of the night after trick-or-treating was over.
It turned out that Mr. O’Bryan had taken out a large life insurance policy on his two children, Timothy, and his daughter. He had given both of his children the poisoned sweet, but not only this, he also gave four other children the cyanide sweets. Luckily for the other children, only Timothy ate the sweets and died, the other children were located and were warned before they ate the sweets. Mr. O’Bryan was executed on in March 1984 for murder of a child and attempted murder of five others.

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