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Crowdsourcing: It’s A Thing!

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Do you have the perfect name for a product?
Or maybe the shade of lipstick you dream of doesn’t exist? Well, imagine it became a real thing!!
Well, it’s becoming easier for these things to happen since brands are now “crowdsourcing”.

“Crowdsourcing” is a term coined by Mark Robinson and Jeff Howe in 2005 and it consists of asking the masses what they want to see selling, written or done. More often than you can imagine, brands are encouraging costumers to send ideas for a new product’s name or for a new product itself.

The beauty brand Volition took it to another level when calling their customers to submit a product idea. If it’s approved by the company, the person who gave the idea will work with field experts to create it and put it up for a vote poll in order
to make it a reality.

What we can take from this is that nowadays, the market allows for a different kind of interaction between seller and buyer. We don’t need to settle for what already exists when we’re not even satisfied with the product.

Since Kylie Jenner asked her fans for a new product’s name, I think we have the chance to make that lipstick shade we are hoping for come to life.

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