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Culprit: REVEALED!

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Skype > Important

Carlie: Angie… why isn’t Sashka in this group? Should I be adding her in…
Sylvie: What?!
Angie has left this group.
Carlie: Here we go again…


Angie: Argh! Sorry again. THIS is the chat thread we should be using. PLEASE delete the other one immediately.
Carlie: Please tell us what’s going on!
Sashka: What just happened? I thought Sylvie just came back, where did she go now? Not to mention that she hasn’t been given back her title yet.
Angie: I created this conversation because of just that. I meant to add everyone except for Sylvie, but I deleted you instead by mistake, Sashka.
Molly: What are you saying? That Sylvie is the one behind all of this?
Gwen: No. Can’t be.
Angie: I’m afraid so.
Molly: No, there’s no way.
Sashka: No! 🙁
Angie: I told myself the same thing, but here we are.
Gwen: But for what possible reason?
Angie: That’s what I was trying to figure out while she temporarily banned me from my own site. Looks like she has been building up some resentment for the past few years…
Carlie: But why?! I’m sure someone else has hacked into her account.
Angie: I thought that might be it too, but nope.
Molly: Did you talk to her? I’m sure there’s just a misunderstanding that can be worked out here.
Angie: That’s exactly what this all is. A misunderstanding. Apparently she’s annoyed that she was not able to make it on staff the first time she applied.
Sashka: So? She’s not the only one who’s had that happened to her. Besides, she’s here now and is a Senior Forum Administrator! Why is she still so upset over this?
Angie: I don’t know. But apparently she has had this grudge against me and this site all this time.
Carlie: So what are we doing now?
Angie: Well, I’ve been trying to get rid of all of her staff abilities but I have not been able to do so as of yet. It might be a while before the site is fully in my hands.
Gwen: Is there a chance we could still talk to her first?
Angie: I don’t know about that, but I guess it’s worth a shot…
Well, there we go! The mask has been uncovered. But does that mean good news for our site? Might want to hold off on the celebrating until we know for sure… Make sure you return to our DC Soap Opera in the next issue of Pulse to figure out what’s happening next!

*Please be aware that this story is completely fictional.*

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