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Cute Scarecrow Makeup

Not sure what to be for Halloween? Why not check out this cute Scarecrow Halloween makeup look.

What you’ll need:

– Face primer
– Foundation
– Concealer
– Pressed powder
– Black gel eyeliner
– Red eyeshadow or blush
– Red lipstick
– Mascara

What to do:

1. Apply your face primer, foundation and concealer. Set with a pressed powder.

2. Taking the black gel liner draw two lines coming out from your mouth and create a stitch effect.

3. Taking your red eyeshadow or blush, blend it over your nose.

4. Apply your red lipstick or any lip colour to your lips.

5. Outline your nose using your black gel liner, as well as create the same stitch effect.

6. Taking your red eyeshadow or blush make large circles on your cheeks.

7. Line your water line with either a black liquid liner or gel liner.

8. Apply your favourite mascara and you’re done!

Watch the full tutorial here.

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