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CYO Interview with Jennamazingg

1) Since you were last interviewed by a Pulse Editor, what have you improved upon with your CYO designs?
I feel like I’ve gotten more brave with testing and trying to get to know different tools in Photoshop.

2) Have you learned any new techniques that you did not know of before?
Yes, I’ve gotten to know the smudge and blur technique, that a lot of other designers use. I’ve still not perfected it, but I’m getting more comfortable!

3) How long does it take you now to complete a new CYO design?
It probably takes me 3-4 hours to complete something I’m really happy with, but being a mom, I never get that much time in a row, so it becomes a multiple day process these

4) What can you tell a new designer who wants to create their own CYO but has not yet started?
It’s tough, time consuming, but really rewarding, when you start creating things that others actually love! So, stick with it! No matter how trying it can be at times!

5) What advice can you suggest to an existing CYO designer on a new technique that they might not know about?
Reach out. Some designers are more than happy to help a struggling, up and coming designer. Some may not have time, but the worst they can say is no. Check out some of the remaining CYO tutorials on the forums, even if they don’t use the same program that you use, and sometimes you can manipulate some of the tips in the tutorials to apply to whatever you do use.

6) What is your favorite CYO that you have created since you were last interviewed? What page can I find it in your album?
I don’t have many designs in my album, but I’ve airways been most proud of my Divamout designs, because Divamour helps push you out of your comfort zone. I’ve noticed that most designers, like me, do better with their designs in Divamour!

7) Who is your favorite new CYO designer and why?
My favorite NEW one is Afterlife, but idk if she’s coming back. :/ Hopefully so though! Her designs are sooo good!

8) When looking at a CYO designer’s design, what are you looking for to see that the design is an original and unique piece?
Smooth edges really show that it’s not a cutout, and if I’ve seen it in the mall or not.

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