CYO Interview

CYO Interview with mata_hari

1) Since you were last interviewed by a Pulse Editor, what have you improved upon with your CYO designs?
I think I definitely improved my shading skills. I like how my designs turn out these days better than they used to.

2) Have you learned any new techniques that you did not know of before?
I always look for new ideas and techniques that would make my designs look better. There are few things that I still have to learn how to make, like lace.

3) How long does it take you now to complete a new CYO design?
It still depends on the complexity of the design. Small items could take about 30 minutes up tp an hour but bigger ones (like dresses) still take me quite a while to design.

4) What can you tell a new designer who wants to create their own CYO but has not yet started?
I would tell them that they have to prepare themselves for few failures in the beginning so they have to keep praticing. Do not give up!

5) What advice can you suggest to an existing CYO designer on a new technique that they might not know about?
I am sure I could learn a lot more from other designers than they could learn from me

6) What is your favorite CYO that you have created since you were last interviewed? What page can I find it in your album?
I would say it is the Vanessa dress that’s in my shop. I really like it. I have it saved in my album on page 23

7) Who is your favorite new CYO designer and why?
I really like Afterlife’s hair and faces. They look so natural.

8) When looking at a CYO designer’s design, what are you looking for to see that the design is an original and unique piece?
Beside the shape of the design I look at patterns. I am not great with them and I hope I can learn how to add that to my designs.

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