CYO Interview

CYO Interview with Pandaimeec

1) Since you were last interviewed by a Pulse Editor, what have you improved upon with your CYO designs?
Definitely speed in making CYO. There’s also all the technical stuff like shading, details,
and whatnot, but I’ve noticed that I’ve become much faster in whipping out CYO.

2) Have you learned any new techniques that you did not know of before?
Hmm.. I think a better way of putting it is that I’ve improved on my techniques from before. A lot of them came from experimenting with different styles and looking at a ton of inspiration photos.

3) How long does it take you now to complete a new CYO design?
A full outfit would take me about 2 hours more or less.

4) What can you tell a new designer who wants to create their own CYO but has not yet started?
Get started! Open that graphics program and try your hand at making CYO. There’s no way anyone can make CYO without starting.

5) What advice can you suggest to an existing CYO designer on a new technique that they might not know about?
I think everyone will eventually develop their own technique. It just takes a lot of time and practice!

6) What is your favorite CYO that you have created since you were last interviewed? What page can I find it in your album?
I’m very happy with my Guild War XIX (The Twelve Days of Christmas) entry (Note by Tina: You can find this entry in Pandaimeec album on page 72). Here’s what it looks like!

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7) Who is your favorite new CYO designer and why?
Definitely afterlife. Such beautiful creations that always leave me wanting more!

8) When looking at a CYO designer’s design, what are you looking for to see that the design is an original and unique piece?
If I haven’t seen anything like it, or if I couldn’t have imagined anything like it. The idea itself, including the shape and the details are all things I take into consideration.

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  1. amethyst_eyes

    Great interview with a incredible designer my dear sister pandaimeec!! Not enough can be said for your talent. The anticipation until your next collection is always worth waiting for 🙂

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