CYO Interview

CYO Interview with swish

1. When did you first start designing CYO?
It wasn’t very long after I started playing. I saw the tutorials in forums and wanted to give it a try.

2. What made you start designing CYO?
I wanted to see if I could take something that I saw or imagined and bring it to life for my doll. It’s an amazing feeling when it happens.

3. What is your favorite CYO piece that you have created?
I really like the Spring dress that I created for Hazel. I plan to make a few changes to it before releasing it though. Then I will love it!

4. What your biggest CYO accomplishment so far?
I had the honor of being asked to design a guild exclusive dress for anniversary gifts. For me, that was huge. I’m new to designing. Yet, they chose me.
(Note by Tina: You can find this design in Swish album on page 7)

5. What is the best thing about designing CYO?
The best thing about designing is watching the item take shape and finally become what you envisioned.

6. How long does it take you to create a CYO piece?
I used to finish quickly but I’ve learned to take my time and try to get the details to pop.

7. Who is your favorite CYO designer?
I love the designs by pandaimeec. Everything flows together so well and the details are off the charts.

8. What’s one tip you can offer to new CYO designers?
Save after every major change you make to your item. Save, save, save.

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