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Danger of that “new car” smell

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If I refer to the “new car” smell, you are probably familiar with what I am talking about. It is such a random scent to adore, yet you can buy car fresheners that help mimic that smell if your beloved car no longer gives off the scent.

However, people must be aware that the smell is a result of a combination of chemicals. This is not something we should be exposed to as a large amount of many of these chemicals can be harmful. The toxicity of the chemicals is not as dangerous as it used to be, but there still needs to be further changes made to ensure complete safety. If you have ever felt dizzy or had a headache after getting a whiff of that new car smell, this just may be the reason why.

Being continuously exposed to this over a long period of time is what you should particularly be worried about. The results can range from liver damage to cancer. However, it is not all bad news as many big car companies like Honda and Ford are making efforts to eliminate this danger.

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