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Dangerous Lies

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Be aware that this review may contain minor spoilers!

This is a YA book written by Becca Fitzpatrick. It involves a teen, just shy of turning eighteen who is a part of the Witness Protection Program.

Stella, the protagonist, has a difficult childhood because of her drug-addicted mother and absent father. Growing up, she has found herself playing the role of mom. Along with this comes a sense of independence.

After one life-altering day, she has been whisked off to a whole new state to a city she has a difficult time adjusting to. However, it becomes crucial that she is careful with what she does unless she wants the man who she is putting in jail for selling her mom drugs coming after her.

Although the premise sounds exciting and was in the duration of the book, the main character was intolerable. She was whiny, ungrateful and rude. Despite her foster parent’s attempts at keeping her safe and how thankful she should be that she is getting protected by the government, Stella does not step away from snapping at her whenever she can.

The ending was also a major disappointment and incredibly unsatisfying. I find that whenever there’s a romance it also completely ruins the dynamic when it’s supposed to be a crime thriller.

Have you read this novel or any of her other books? What did you think?

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Try and keep me interested in the story because it’s a scary plot — not because I care about how the snobby girl loves how chiseled that one guy is.

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