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As many of you know the famous DC Friend-A-Thon has been cancelled. After 5 years, and 57 cycles, it has been removed. Even though we’re all sad to see it go, the Community Team has put together another forum competition called DC Adventures!

DC Adventures will be a monthly competition for new and veteran players who complete a series of 20 tasks over the course of that month. Anyone can join in at ANYTIME. Yep, anytime, there is no sign-up required. The goal is to complete as many tasks as you can before the deadline.

The prizes are awarded in tiers so there is no pressure to complete all 20:
Complete 5 tasks – 20c & 20,000m
Complete 10 tasks – 40c & 40,000m
Complete 15 tasks – 60c & 60,000m
Complete all 20 tasks – 100c & 100,000m + trophy

There is a place where the participants can chat and get to know each other, while helping one another out on tasks!

Since the 30 day Forum Challenge, hosted by the Forum Team will be happening in September (be on the look out for that as well!), DC Adventures won’t be running that month but will pick back up in October!

There is still time to participate in this months DC Adventure, and remember you only have to complete 5 of the tasks to win a prize! Click here to start your own DC Adventure!

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  1. Lisanna

    DC Adventures is so much of fun!! I’ve only joined recently for the DC Haunted Adventures and I can see the amount of work it must have taken to put this entire event together. So thank you to those who organised this (I’m sorry I’m not sure of the specific users at the moment-i’ll definitely find out though). It’s awesome!So thank you! 😀

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