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DC News for November

The month of October has ended and so did the Flash Game Blitz. The winners have been announced.

You can go to this link to see the Winner of the Halloween Flash Game Blitz!

So did one of your favorite entries win in the Halloween Flash Game Blitz?

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Also, this month our Forum Team is hosting a Write More Competition.

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What is WriteMore, you may ask?
WriteMore! is a writing competition held every year in November. It’s a competition that challenges the writers to see how much they can write in a week. The contest is inspired by a writing completion called NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).

How do I enter?
You will need to sign up to be able to enter the competition. Unfortunately, the sign up period is now over so you will have to wait until next year’s edition!

What are the prizes?
1st Place: 100,000 moolah, 100 coins, 3000 forum experience points, & trophy
2nd Place: 50,000 moolah, 50 coins, 2000 forum experience points, & trophy
3rd Place: 25,000 moolah, 25 coins, 1000 forum experience points, & trophy

Want more information about the WriteMore Competition? Click here.

So are you planning to enter WriteMore Competition next year or did you enter the Write More Competition?
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In other news, our Community Team is hosting another season of “Who Wore it Better”.

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This season is called the “Fall Harvest Edition.”

What is “Who Wore it Better”?

Who Wore it Better is a competition where everyone who is participating will get the same item to wear on their doll. After completing their outfits, they will have to battle it out. There are 10 rounds and for each round, there is a different item to be worn. Everyone can vote too and choose their favorite doll. At the end you, will see Who Wore it Better!

Who can participate?
Everyone can participate!

What are the prizes?

1st Place will receive: 750,000 moolah, 750 coins, 5000 style, 2500 fame, 1000 hotpoints, 5 magical perfume vouchers, and a trophy
2nd Place will receive: 500,000 moolah, 500 coins, 2500 style, 1000 fame, 750 hotpoints, 3 magical perfume vouchers, and a trophy
3rd Place will receive: 250,000 moolah, 250 coins, 1000 style, 750 fame, 500 hotpoints, 1 magical perfume voucher, and a trophy

Have you participated in the other seasons before? What did you think about this season’s entries so far?

Want to know more information about Who Wore it Better? Click here.

So are you participating this season? Comment right down below!

What DC event have you been most excited about this past month?

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