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DC News for the Holidays

This month there has been a few activities to celebrate the holidays.

One of them is the Design a Pulse Cover contest by our very own PULSE team.

What is the contest about?
The contest is about creating a cover for the next Pulse Issue. You must do this following all the requirements and rules.

Who can enter the contest?
Everyone can enter the contest!

What are the prizes?
1st place will win 100.000 moolah, 100coins, 5000 XP points, a trophy and of course your cover will be on the next issue of Pulse

2nd place will win 75.000 moolah, 75coins, 2500 XP points, and a trophy

3rd place will win 50.000 moolah, 50 coins, 1000 XP points, and a trophy

So, did you enter the “Design a Pulse Cover Contest”?

Do you want more information? Click here.


The WriteMore! Competition by the Forum Team has ended…

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..and the results will be posted soon! So, be on the lookout for the results.

What did you think about the WriteMore competition? Comment right down below.

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