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DC News

With last month being filled with a whole bunch of happenings like new competitions and such, September isn’t as busy but still has some big news in store! This month the Forum Team’s very popular competition, 30 Day Forum Challenge started and it is a blast! Even though sign-ups have been closed for a while, you can still visit the threads in the forums to see what it is all about and maybe you can join in on the next one!

What else is going on? Who Wore It Better? is coming to a close and by the looks of it, people LOVE it. Just to give a quick description of it, it is a main site competition created by the Community Team where there are 10 rounds and each round has a required item that you have to wear. (I.E. a jacket, a pet, a pair of shoes, etc.) You can enter as many rounds as you like before their deadlines. After the deadline for each round, members can vote on who wore that item better. There are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners of course.

What are your thoughts on it? Did you enter all 10 rounds? Do you regret not entering? I cannot wait until the next cycle if I do say so myself.

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  1. hada_sonadora

    I participated in the who wore it better and I don’t regret it.
    I am also currently participating in the 30 day forum challenge and I must say it’s fun however for me to do challenge almost everyday (in case it’s not everyday) it’s kind of impossible. I really tried to do all the tasks, but it was impossible. Even though I didn’t do all the tasks I am very happy with the ones I did since I am learning a lot and I got a amazing team to talk to and make friends. And nothing could make me regret that I did join this contest.

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