DC Shoutouts!

I want to thank maidmarion for always checking on me to make sure I am doing well. my wonderful guild members of Rising Stars that also care about me and that are there for me michelleb, kellyjo236, kelann1027, and yellow turtle. ~smartinez79

There are so many wonderful people on DC that I might forget to mention some. Terry35 has also been a long time friend that talks to me many times a week even with her busy schedule.~smartinez79

Shout out to helga hope you are okay we miss you.~smartinez79

Nicollette,molokai,sobriquet,michelleb,terry35,uar da for always rating my album. ~smartinez79

Happy Anniversary to Victorious Vixens! Thank You to all the Vixens past and present for making VV a wonderful experience.~BlackPawZ

The Amazing Divas want to thank Jacroc1999 for making all of their dresses for the First Anniversary Party!
The Amazing Divas Rock!!!!!! ~Catlover64

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