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DC’s 7th Anniversary! Lucky 7: DC Goes To Vegas

This month was the 7th Anniversary of our beloved site, Diva Chix, and we took everyone to Las Vegas to celebrate the big day. From the main site to the Forum we were packed with activities to get everyone on the fun.

On the main site lots was happening. We had a new Mall collection release made by Diva Chix’s talented designers, for the delight of our members. Showgirls, party girls, card dealers and even Elvis inspired outfits were made so we could get our dolls in on the anniversary events. The collection was a great hit. We had lots of members wearing the items, with many of them making it as Doll Of The Day contenders, and so far one members’ doll had made it all the way to the front page as Doll Of The Day. Congratulations Azteresa! Your doll looked beautiful.

And the main site news does stop there. Guild War XVII started on July 11 with about 98 members participating, all representing 21 Guilds, with Amazing Divas and Golden Girls the top two with the most members participating, with a total of 13 and 12 people on each guild.

This time around it was an all Mall competition allowing those who are not able or don’t have the time to make an exclusive CYO a chance to enter. Yours truly here got into the fun, but wasn’t so lucky. Got eliminated on the first round. All in good fun, right?

By the end of the competition we were left with 3 contenders for the crown. Ultimately the winner of Guild War XVIIC Goes To Vegas was Auntypat who wins this year for the second time in a row, representing her Guild ~*Serenity Angels*~ .

The second place was taken by Laughinggrrl representing her guild Golden Girls and for 3rd place we have Hersha from the guild Material Girls.

Let’s all go by their pages and leave our congratulations. Job well done ladies. And for everyone else who participated this time around, a huge thank you from the DC team and congrats on your beautiful entries.

For our regular voters, and those of you who read the announcements on the forum, this is probably old news to you. The Patch 5.107 Voting Buttons Removed. The removal of the voting buttons, with the exception of the Hot and Not ones, has been in effect since July the 8th. Now to vote for a doll of your choice, on a battle, all you have to do is click on the picture of the one you prefer. Easy right? Maybe for those of you voting on your computer is not a big change but is a huge one for some of us who, sometimes, uses our mobile devices to do do some voting, while on the go.

Like in many of the site’s big events, we always have our Voting Game going. Following the theme Lucky 7: DC Goes To Vegas, we introduced our “Lucky Slot Machine” voting game, so many can try their luck in making their dolls a bit richer. The slot machine could be found right above the count section. For those of us who are or were lucky enough to land triple 7s the prize is the forever coveted perfume voucher. So far no triple 7s for me. How lucky have you been so far?

For those who enjoy a nice bundle auction, Angie did not leave them empty handed. This time around she decided to shake things up a bit. Instead of the normal one big auction she did 2 quick ones. Two days long for each group. And once again the Auction was a success.

Many of those items are already available to be purchased from many CYO shops, and they have been a hit among our Diva Chix members. They can be seen in many of the voting events, forum competitions, and other places around the site.

The forum was also packed with many activities for our members to get into the celebration of Diva Chix’s 7th Anniversary.

Many of them have already come to an end a few soon to follow. But of course it is still not to late to try to participate in some of the few contests still open. The past events are still there for you to take a look at some of its winners and to also congratulate them on their victory. Just go the sub-forum Diva Chix 7th Anniversary: DC Goes To Vegasand take a quick peek.

I think that it can be said that the anniversary events did not disappoint. How was your overall experience as a member of our DC community during the site’s celebration events? Share you thoughts below. We would surely love hearing from you.

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