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DCs Two-Timing Member Revealed?

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It is September. I’m sure you can agree that it’s one of the most annoying months of the year. Not only is it the beginning of fall (welcome back, allergies) but also the official end of summer. No more plane rides, lying on the beach and drinking ice cold lemonade. I hate it. Along with the change in season comes a severe change in mood. I’m typically a very chipper person.

What. Why are you laughing? Having the need to take vengeance against this site is nothing. I’m a really lovely person once you get to know me.

Fine. Keep laughing. Not that I’d want to talk to you if you are on this site.

You can also see that the users are becoming increasingly impatient. I’m surprised that they have not given up on the site yet. The hope they have that Angie will be able to save the day is adorable. It won’t happen, but it’s admirable. In fact, let’s see what exactly they’re all expecting will happen. Shouldn’t these kids be in school by now?

Gossip Corner – The Common Room > !?!?!?!?!?!

Today at 7:11 AM – Posted by lacetasy
Another morning, another disappointed. I was hoping the site would be back by now. :(

Today at 7:13 AM – Posted by purpl3sapphir3
Me too! I’m glad we have the 30 Day Forum Challenge going on but I want to be able to play on the main site again. I’m getting worried. 🙁

Today at 7:15 AM – Posted by anne-marie
I’m getting worried as well. It doesn’t look like we’re going to get our site back anytime soon. Or possibly ever?

Today at 7:19 AM – Posted by purpl3sapphir3
No, we can’t think like that! We’ll get the site back. I think. 🙁

Today at 7:22 AM – Posted by ladyinpink
Guys.. why isn’t the new Pulse site working? I was going to read this month’s issue but I don’t see it? I’m pretty sure they said it would be up by today.

Today at 7:25 AM – Posted by lacetasy
It might just be a little late!

Today at 7:27 AM – Posted by ladyinpink
I don’t think so… especially with what’s been happening the past months. :/

Today at 7:30 AM – Posted by carrie07
Nope. No Pulse. Shame really. I’ve read some of the articles and I have to say – not too bad! 😀

Today at 7:35 AM – Posted by purpl3sapphir3
What’s next? The only team left is the Forum Team. Are you going to get rid of them now? Was this your plan? Being the site owner?

Today at 7:40 AM – Posted by carrie07
Well… about that…

The 30 Day Forum Challenge had commenced earlier this month and the forums were increasingly active thanks to the thrilling tasks that the participants had to complete. I had to admit I was proud at the turn-out. Not because I care about the site, but because my team in particular was the one who helped run the activity. That’s right. The two-timing member that you have all affectionately been calling me is on the Forum Team. Now the question is, who exactly am I? I’d love to hear who you think!

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