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DC’s Two-Timing Member Still Not Revealed!

(Missed what happened last week? Check out previous episodes to catch up.)

Boo hoo. I thought I was going to “reward” someone with a nice little bundle of moolah and coins. But am I really surprised? I should have set myself up for disappointment with you lot anyways… Watch some Sherlock. Maybe that will improve upon your non-existent “detective” skills.

Yes that’s right, NO ONE guessed me correctly! And quite frankly, I’m disappointed. And disgusted. Ugh!

Let’s take a look at some of your guesses, shall we?

Okay, maybe this guess wasn’t too far off. I respect you, hada_sonadora. But unfortunately, still wrong.

Really?! She’s one of the sweetest members here and this is how your repay her?!

Yes, she’s been on the team for a while, but that’s because she actually cares about the team and the site (for reasons I don’t understand, but still).

I question her obsessions, but no, wrong again.

I don’t know why _xkilltonight got voted for the most, but that’s not right either. Why do you think she’s capable of this??

ANYWAYS, I guess this did a favour in eliminating about half of the team or so. But I’ve already helped you out too much here, so don’t expect anymore favours that soon. And stop pestering me to “stop ruining the site, blah blah.” It’s almost the holidays and I have a lot of work to do to end this year off well. Have you started to think of a resolution yet? Can you guess what mine is? Heh.

I don’t know if it’s the holiday decorations that’s swarming the stores, or the presents I’ve begun buying for family and friends, but I’ve been in a really sappy mood lately. I just might be open to a heart-to-heart conversation with you all. Any pestering questions you have for me? There’s a really good chance I’ll answer them for you in the final episode of the year. Want to know why I’m such a spiteful person? Why I might have been rejected from staff 98 times? What my favourite colour is? My favourite scent? What I’m eating for dinner tomorrow?

See ya!

P. S. Don’t ask me who I am. Don’t be that person. I’ll find you and hack your Facebook so good. Don’t tempt me.

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