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DC’s Two Timing Member

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If you thought Community team, you were right. They were the first team I applied to and got rejected from. I took the initiative of applying even when there were no spots available and what did they do? Made me wait! How would they know I had enough time to commit later on? It was completely unfair. I would have been great. Too bad they missed out! I bet they totally see how much they messed up when they see how great I am on my current team. Whatever. They’re getting what they deserve now.

The Community team have recently created this new competition for all members to participate in replacing the Friend-A-Thon. DC Adventures they called it. The team is trying to get members to open up to different parts of the site or something. I let them have a bit of fun for this but it ends now.

The sub-forum was easily deleted and mollym, imnoangell99, fashionchallenged, anne-marie, midnight_kiss & hippie_chick were stripped of their titles. I’ll leave Modtester. I’ve always liked the guy. Heh.

Gossip Corner – The Common Room > !?!?!?!?!?!

Today at 2:59 PM – Posted by bittey
I was just about to post another task in DC Adventures but I got an error page?

Today at 3:03 PM – Posted by Angie_Boo
Yeah, the whole section is gone. =/

Today at 3:06 PM – Posted by mollym
I’m sorry guys.. I really don’t know what happened. 🙁

Today at 3:08 PM – Posted by cece1337
omg Molly what happened!? Why aren’t you an administrator anymore?

Today at 3:09 PM – Posted by Tammylynne
Oh no, Molly!! 🙁 :'(

Today at 3:11 PM – Posted by carrie07
Doesn’t it smell wonderful here? Like we just had a nice spring cleaning? Only two more teams left! It’s pretty clear which one should go since I’m on the other. Care to take any guesses who’ll be gone by tomorrow? 😀

Yup. I know I’ve mentioned before I’m on staff. There’s only two options now anyways. Pulse and Forum. Which one am I on? Who am I? All will be answered soon! Are you excited? I am!

Things will be looking much better once the other team is gone. There’s truly only one good team on the site. And it has nothing to do with the fact that I’m on it so stop it right there. You don’t see two kings anywhere! Only one is meant to rule.

The drama continues in the next issue of Pulse…

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