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Dear Dictator

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Dear Dictator is a comedy movie about Tatiana Mills (Odeya Rush), where she must do an assignment for school, a letter to someone that she looks up to. Tatiana is known by everyone for being quite the rebel at school. Who did she pick for her school’s assignment?

Well none other than General Anton Vincent (Michael Caine), an island nation dictator. After the first letter between Tatiana and the dictator they become pen pals quickly exchanging letters with each other. That is until one day the people have turned on General Anton Vincent and his revolutionary ideas. They have protested and started becoming aggressive up to the point where he had to flee the country.

Where did General Anton go? Well none other than to America to look for Tatiana. Tatiana was so happy to see that Anton came to visit and they have developed a special relationship. A relationship like grandfather and a granddaughter, but she is soon about to discover that she doesn’t know Anton as well as she thought. Yes, Anton has helped Tatiana with her situation at school. However, Tatiana does not agree with Anton of various things.

Will Anton return back home? Will this be the end of Tatiana and Anton?

I guess you will just have to watch the movie to find out!

Final Thoughts

This movie is funny. However it’s not a "wow" film. I would have wished that the ending of the movie were a bit better like showing what happened after. Was it a happy ending or not, but I would definitely recommend watching this movie. Have you watched his movie yet? What did you think about it? Comment right down below.

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