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Diva Chix Prom 2015!

This month was Diva Chix’s long awaited Prom season, and the theme this year, as you all know by now, is Arabian Nights. I have to say that this was my favorite theme thus far, and I am sure that I do not stand alone on this! Well, I hope I wasn’t .

The events started with our always welcomed voting events, which gives us all a great chance to stock up on moolah, coins,fame, hot points, style and golden tickets to cash in for more moolah, coins and fame. But not to forget the very coveted Perfume Vouchers.

The auction for bundles made for the Arabian Nights theme was mind blowing this time around. I have to tell you that when I saw the bids, my jaw dropped. Yes, it did. And I bet some of you who were curious enough to check on it once in a while was just as amazed as me.

Some of these beautiful bundles were available for the members to acquire in as many quantities as they pleased and others were put up for exclusive auctions. They could be seen in the voting events and many in the top 6 contestants for Doll Of The Day, with some making it to the front page.

Guild War had a total of 104 participants this season and many of the entries used were non exclusives, which was pleasing for many members who are not able to get exclusives. During voting we had the chance to see how the contestants mixed and matched different items from the various shops available on the site, and to as well appreciate the exclusives which were also nicely and beautifully done.

Guild War ended Monday, May 25 and if you didn’t get the chance to see all this Prom season’s Guild War entries, go check it out.

The member who takes the title and bragging rights of this year’s Arabian Nights Theme Prom Guild War is AuntyPat representing her guild ~* Serenity Angels *~ Second place went to PamPam, representing Amazing Divas Guild and Third place went to Hippie_Chick, representing Hippie Sistas Guild. Huge congrats to AuntyPat and many thanks to everyone who participated in our Prom Guild War!

Passing through the forum you could encounter various events, hosted by the different staff teams. We had Best Dressed Couple/Best Dressed Single, Prom Table Activities, Best Prom Design, Prom Queen competition, (see our Prom Queen, MaidMarion, on the cover of this issue of Pulse!), DC Adventures which was Prom themed, You Know You Like Me, Prom Awards, Radio Show and the Prom Pulse Background Cover hosted by, of course, the Pulse Team. (You can see the chosen cover, of course on this issue, created by Chat_Noir, with Prom Queen MaidMarion gracing the winning background cover.) Lots of activities as you can see. The Diva Chix staff did an outstanding job hosting the events, and the participants were simply a delight.

Again, a BIG thank you to all those of you who participated in this year’s Prom festivities and huge congratulations to all the event’s winners.

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