Diva Chix Shout-Outs!

I would love to thank Salina (Smartinez79) for being a good fried for over 12 years and introducing me to the wonderful site of DC!!!
Also would love to thank Vicky (Vicstalk) for being a good friend as well and giving me wonderful advice all of the years we have been friends on DC!!!
Finally, would love to thank madcarlie and my guild sisters and brothers of London Beach for not only being a great guild, but being the second family away from my family that I can always come to talk to or just enjoy the wonderful game of DC with!!! ~Terry35

I have some great friends but a few that stick out for me are terry35, michelleb, yowana, maidmarion, and anne-marie. Thank you all for being there for me through good times and bad. ~Smartinez79

Shout-out to my Design team freaks, my mad admin and our big boss lady, thank you so much for all that you do! You ladies are amazing and I love each and every one of you! <3 Ami (Zumzy)

I would like to give a shout out to Catlover64 for always being there for me and Beckybear21 for being a great friend. ~Beauty_chic

A big shout out to ALL of the wonderful hard working members of London Beach from their Freak Leader! Special mention to Babs11 the co-owner of LB, Vicstalk, Terry35 and Sashenka for taking turns as officers of the guild as time permits, they do a magnificent job! <3 ~ MadCarlie

To hippie_sistas guild,
Thank you all so much for everything you have done..This isnt a guild it is family..Love to you all
love Country_cutie

Sherrie has always been supportive of me and all of my lofty goals. This includes me wanting to be a guild owner! She helps me make the guild the best it can be and her advice and friendship are appreciated more than anybody could ever know! I am very fortunate to have not only her but all my guild sisters in my corner! “United as one, we get things done!” ~Bettygirl

I’d like to send this shout out to (in no particular order): Vicstalk, Madcarlie, Cinnamin, Jacroc1999, Estella, Atota1, Hotpink1916, Louisa35, Trina79:
You ladies are so very, very special to me and I adore each and every one of you so much! Love and Hugs!! ~Dalia33

I want to give a shout out to Sara/ DivaKhan who has so generously given out coins and moolah to the people of DC as well as free exclusives. She’s amazing! Her heart is filled with love and she only keeps giving ~Thucthuc

Sending a shot out to laughinggrrl who returned “home” after a few years break. We missed you and have never forgotten you. Glad to see you’ve jumped right back in the game! Welcome back 🙂 ~angieluvboo

HUGE shoutout to Angieluvboo and my wonderful Pulse Team, who have all worked so very hard getting our new Pulse design ready for all to enjoy! Every one of you are GREATLY appreciated and simply awesome! ~Gwendolyn7777

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  1. atota1

    I wanna to send this shout out to Dalia 33,CynCyn,Estella ,Ronmedo,,Catelover64, catelien,Hippie_chick,Lacetesy,Dollface49,Hada_sonadore,Tatymemaw,Louisa35,Hotpink1916 ,Cinnamin!
    my shouts out to you all my lovely and special friend ,i love you all and you all mean the world to me ,thanx for bieing my amazing friends!
    Hug Huggz!

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