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Divamour 10: The Dark Side

Image credit: Banner made by Zumzy

It is once again the time for another Season of Divamour, and this year, the official title chosen is “The Dark Side”.

All participants have been doing a great job with their creations, and they don’t cease to amaze us with their talent.

The competition will end in the beginning of April, and as of this week it is already on phase 4. We had Divas on Wheels, Grieving Widows, Avant-Garde Nightmares and the participants were right on point.

And of course, after the closing of each phase the auction of these beauties would take off. So far, they have been going strong. If you haven’t passed by the forums please do so, and maybe you can still catch at least one of the auctions, and lend yourself one of these creations, or two.

Which phase title did you like most, or thought more challenging for this year’s participants?

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  1. vergina

    I love divamour so much! it’s my favorite competition of the year. I put almost everything aside to participate 😛 so now I really have some catching up to do with studying 😛

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