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On March 9th Divamour started a whole new season, with its first phase titled “Dark Creatures in the Medieval Ages “.

Going into season 8, the rules have been changed. Yes, you heard right! This time around and for upcoming ones, applications were and will be in order. The design team has decided this course of action to ensure that all contestants planning to enter Divamour have the required knowledge of CYO to be able to participate in the competition.

For those of us who are not participating, we’ll have the chance to go on a bid war for those many beautiful creations, that will be available on the Divamour Auction Thread right after the end of each phase. Make sure you have the funds available to get your one of a kind CYO. Or maybe more than one, if your diva can afford it. Let show our support to this group of talented designers.

So far, the competition and the auction have started with a bang. The contestants are making it hard for the judges with their extremely well executed and creative designs, which are breaking the banks of the divas bidding on them. Every diva wants this exclusives designers, and they are bidding very high.

The second phase is also filled with gorgeous entries. So far this season of Divamour is showing to be one of the best yet. The contestants are being very supportive of each other cheering one another during their chit chat, sharing their techniques and giving each other great pointers to better their designs.

As a judge of this this season, so far, it has been of pleasure to be part of this competition. But as one the contestants pointed out on the Chit Chat thread, by using a quote by Autumn Sky Hall, “Creativity is not a competition”.

If you think you might give it a try next year as a contestant, please do so. As a contestant you’ll have the opportunity to make some extra moolah and coins during each Auction, plus if you’re lucky to be one of the top three, there will be prizes for you. from exclusives made by one of many great CYO designers from DC design team, to moolah, coins and even perfumes, to bragging rights of being the top three winner of a season of Divamour. Not to forget the fun you’ll have just for participating.
There is still time to catch up to this season. Just check the Forum Divamour 8: Time Warp.

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  1. hada_sonadora

    Well I have been following this season of divamour since day one and I have to say they are all great designer with a great sense of humor.
    They make it so hard to choose who will I bid first on their creation :).

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