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DIY Date Night Jar

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This date night idea is both cute and incredibly useful for later on in the year (who doesn’t want to give their partner something that will benefit them later on!)

We are making a DIY Valentines day date Night Jar, with ideas of future dates!

What you need:

A mason jar (you can get these from craft shops, but also many supermarkets these days!)
Dyed Popsicle sticks (or plain Popsicle sticks + paint)
Glitter pens (optional)
Paint (optional)
Scrapbook paper (optional)

1. Come up with your date night ideas (see below for suggestions, but honestly you can use anything which works for the two of you)
2. Write the ideas on as many sticks as you need (and can fit in the jar)
3. Decorate your jar. (You can paint the lid/jar/use scrapbook paper)
4. Make a label. Cut a piece of paper into a heart shape and write something like “Date Night Jar” on it!
5. Tie a little bit of string around the jar to finish off the cuteness!

And you’re all done!

Date night ideas:

TV Show Marathon
Chocolate Tasting
Take out + board game night
Homemade pizza + Movie marathon
Wine & cheese
Dessert only dinner
Bike ride
Coffee date
Mini golf
Dinner + Movie
Buy a new board game
Trip to the zoo
Bed & breakfast
Weekend away
Couple’s massage
Spend a day at a theme park

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